Doggie Day Care

Why is doggie day care beneficial?

Doggie day care is an environment where social dogs have the chance to mingle with other like-minded dogs in a safe and controlled environment. Dogs need a lot exercise and stimulation and doggie day care is the perfect way to do both of those things! Our day boarders will be able to join in on our activity equipment fun and engaging staff members.

As well as being a lot of fun for your dog, day care also helps curb behaviour problems such as anxiety, destructiveness, boredom and can also greatly assist in weight loss plans.

Annotation 2020-03-06 115236.png
Annotation 2020-03-06 115236.png

At Baldivis Boarding Kennels & Cattery our day boarders receive:

Multiple opportunities to exert their energy

Extremely clean and safe play areas

Expertly chosen dogs to suit their temperament

Trained staff, selected for their kind nature and compassion

Quiet time, that even the most energetic dogs need

Help with any behavioural issues

As we go on a daily rate, our day care rate is based on the kennel you select for their chill out time. Check out our prices here.