Boarding Agreement

Pet Behaviour & Health

  • All animals must be older than 5 months and fully immunised at the time of boarding. Vaccination certificates must be shown upon admission. It is a requirement that all cats are de-sexed for boarding. 


  • Minimum requirements for vaccinations are as follows:

    •  C5 for dogs – administered within the last 12 months prior to the final day of boarding.

    • All puppies must have proof of all three initial vaccinations (8 weeks, 12 weeks & 16 weeks).

    • F3 for cats - administered within the last 12 months prior to the final day of boarding.

    • All vaccinations and boosters must have been administered at least 14 days prior to admission. The customer acknowledges that failure to meet these requirements will result in the refusal of entry to the boarding facility and the loss of the deposit. 


  • The owner agrees that under no circumstances will Baldivis Boarding Kennels, or its agents or representatives, be held responsible or liable for:

    • The destruction of pets’ personal items, including but not limited to, toys, bedding and collars.

    • Any injury, impairment, disability, ill health, damage or death of the pet caused by or as a result of but not limited to: 

      • Fleas, canine influenza, cat flu or any other illness.

      • Transportation of the pet in any Baldivis Boarding Kennels vehicle for any reason.

      • Injury caused by the pet, to itself, by no fault of Baldivis Boarding Kennels.

      • Injury caused by socialisation including but not limited to group activities, scheduled playtime and/or exercise.


  • The owner acknowledges and accepts that if the pet damages any furniture, bedding or any part of the suite during its stay the customer may be charged for any damage incurred.

  • The customer acknowledges that Baldivis Boarding Kennels is not responsible for the condition of the pets’ coat during the boarding period.

  • The customer is aware and accepts that canine cough vaccine does not provide immunity, and the risk of contracting this condition increases in a social environment such as Baldivis Boarding Kennels.

  • If the pet has not been treated for fleas and/or ticks prior to the arrival date, or does not have sufficient treatment to cover the pet until their departure day, Baldivis Boarding Kennels reserves the right to administer suitable treatment to the pet and pass the cost on to the owner, to be paid upon collection.

  • It is the customer responsibility to provide Baldivis Boarding Kennels all medications required to be administered to the pet during the boarding period. Medications must be in their original packaging with an instruction label from the pets’ veterinarian.

Veterinary Treatment

  • The customer authorises Baldivis Boarding Kennels to provide personal information relating to the customer and pet to a veterinarian for the purposes of treating the pet.

  • If veterinary treatment is deemed necessary Baldivis Boarding Kennels will endeavour to contact the owner prior to treatment being administered. If the customer is not contactable the customer agrees that the decision of Baldivis Boarding Kennels in relation to necessity of the treatment is final and in the pets’ best interests.

  • Any expenses incurred for necessary veterinary treatment during the boarding period will be paid in the first instance by Baldivis Boarding Kennels. The customer will then be liable to reimburse Baldivis Boarding Kennels for the cost of any and all veterinary treatment upon provision of an invoice from the veterinary practice.

Fees & Charges

  • All boarding rates are charged on a calendar day bases with all dates booked fully payable.

  • The owner agrees to pay the rate of boarding in effect on the date their pet is checked into the Baldivis Boarding Kennels facility.

  • The customer acknowledges that they will be charged for the entire boarding period regardless of late arrival or early departure.

  • If animals are to be staying with Baldivis Boarding Kennels for a period longer than 2 weeks at least half of the total boarding fee must be paid in advance.

  • A reservation deposit is set by Baldivis Boarding Kennels and is payable for each suite booked. Cancellations less than 14 days prior to the booking period will result in the forfeit of the deposit. Outside of this 14 day period, refunds will be available with a possible administration fee incurred (20% of deposit fee).

  • The owner agrees that the pet may be held by Baldivis Boarding Kennels until all charges are paid in full. Any additional boarding charges incurred due to the failure to meet collection requirements at the time of departure will be payable by the customer. Failure to pay within 7 days from expected departure date will result in the transfer of ownership of the pet to Baldivis Boarding Kennels.

General Conditions

  • Baldivis Boarding Kennels reserves the right to refuse entry of any animal they believe does not meet the requirements of the boarding facility.

  • The customer authorises Baldivis Boarding Kennels to capture and utilise photographs and/or videos of the pet during their stay for record keeping and marketing purposes.

  • The customer accepts that although settling pets in their luxury suites may be permitted, it is the preference and recommendation of Baldivis Boarding Kennels that the customer says their goodbyes in the administration area of the facility. On pickup we do not permit owners in to the accommodation for the safety of staff and your pet/s.

  • In the event that a customer is unhappy with the service offered by Baldivis Boarding Kennels the customer agrees to address any concerns directly with Baldivis Boarding Kennels and not through public social media outlets or forums.

  • The customer confirms that they are the legal owner, or authorised agent, of the pet/s and have authority to enter into this contract.

  • The customer also confirms that their pets has never been declared dangerous in any state or territory. The customer will also notify Baldivis Boarding Kennels if they are declared dangerous in the future.

  • By signing these conditions of boarding, the owner certifies the accuracy of all information provided about their pet, and acknowledges and agrees to all conditions outlined.