Frequently asked questions


Does my pet need to be vaccinated prior to boarding?

Yes, all animals must be fully vaccinated to be able to holiday with us. If you are unsure of your pets vaccination status please speak to your veterinarian or our friendly staff. Go to our vaccination requirements page for more info.

What do the pets sleep on?

All pets are given freshly washed Vetbed Gold – an anti fungal/antibacterial man made material similar to sheepskin. This will be placed on top of the trampoline beds. Owners are welcome to bring their own bedding if they wish. Just keep in mind that sometimes dogs may get destructive away from their owners, so if you think this may be the case for your dog it's best not to bring your best stuff in. We don't take responsibility for chewed beds.

Do I need to bring my pet's own food?

All pets are fed super premium food – Royal Canin for majority of the animals, which is considered the best complete diet biscuit on the market, or Blackhawk for the customers that are already using it. For the dogs we also do have Tuckertime Chicken and Veg meat roll at customers’ request. You only need to provide your pet’s food if your pet is on a veterinarian prescribed diet or has other unusual, specific requirements. Nightly treats are fed but you are welcome to bring your own. The cats have a choice of Royal Canin meat or fish meat, then they also have Royal Canin kibble.

I have 2 or more pets, can they stay together?

Yes, all our accommodation facilities are large enough to house two (or more) pets; if your dogs need separating during feeding please advise reception during check in. Larger cat families can stay together and may prefer the extra space available in our family suites. Unfortunately we can not board your cat and dog together.

Are the cats disturbed by the dogs barking?

The cats are in a completely separate building to the dogs, also, the dogs' building has soundproof insulation.

What if there is an emergency medical problem?

We have an on-call veterinarian for the facility and there are several excellent veterinarians in close proximity, along with emergency facilities that are open all night and on holidays. We treat every guest as we do our own pets, and you may rest assured that they will receive the best attention possible. We will get in touch with you or one of your emergency contacts before making any desicions unless otherwise arranged.

What should I bring when checking in my pet?

All pets must be up to date on their vaccinations so please bring proof of this if we do not already have them on our records, payment of holiday fees are required when you check your pet(s) in. Bring any medications in their original containers with veterinarian instructions on them and emergency contact details for while you are away. Everything else is optional however you can bring blankets, toys, jackets, treats and your own food. The only restriction we have is raw bones (in case they splinter and choke) and beanbags (for obvious reasons).

When and how do I pay?

Accounts are settled at check in; Payments that are accepted are: Cash or bank transfer. BSB 306 089 Account 189 5044 Ref: Pet name + Surname. We have no eftpos or credit facilities.

Will my dog get to socialise with other dogs?

We do promote socialization with the pet owners consent, dogs are put with other dogs only of similar size and energy. Play time is always supervised by a staff member. Non-social dogs are also welcome and get the exact same time out in exersise yards as social dogs.

Why do you go on a daily rate and not a nightly rate like hotels?

For the best interest of your pets we like them to be dropped off as early as possible to allow them the whole first day to meet the staff, settle into the environment and adjust to our routines. All the suites are available until closing time on day of collection. With that in mind we are looking after your pet for a full day (fed, exersized and loved), thus, we charge for the day you pick up and the day you drop off. We find most of our clients want to drop off in the morning and collect in the afternoon, therefore we find it works better to arrange our bookings per calandar day. Once a suite has been allocated to a pet for that day it does mean it cannot be used for another customer hence why there is a full day charged.

We are different to hotels as they have everyone checked out in the morning and checked in that afternoon.


How do I log in if I've boarded before, but not booked online before?

If you've boarded before you'll already have an account that was created by us. To log into the correct account and not create a duplicate account, just click forgot your password and get emailed a new password. If this does not work then we either have your email down incorrect or do not have an email at all. If this is the case you may create a new account, but please let us know so we can delete your old account. Click here to get started.

What is PIAA?

PIAA stands for Pet Industry Association Australia. PIAA is the only industry association in Australia representing all businesses within the pet industry. To be a PIAA member you must meet certain requirements. PIAA members... • Are governed by a strict code of practice. • Have high standards of animal welfare. • Have professional business ethics. • Focus on consumer and pet care needs. • Have informative and educational advice. • A part of the top support newtwork for industry leaders.

What is canine cough?

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Do you have a weight management programme?

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What are hot spots?

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Where is your boarding contract?

You can see the full contract here. You'll recieve a reminder email the day before checking in with a link to this. If you arrive for boarding we will assume you have read the agreement.